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Fifty Shades of Grey Movie INFO

Release Date: February 13, 2015
Rating: PG-13

Year    :   February 13, 2015
By    :   United States of America
Director    :   Sam Taylor-Johnson
Genre    :   Drama, Romance
Duration    :   Unknown
Budget    :   $40 million
Age    :   13+

Fifty Shades of Grey is American Romance/Drama movie filled with erotic elements. It is based on a best-selling trilogy written by E. L. James. Full movie is scheduled to be released on the 13 February, 2015 by Universal Pictures and other companies. It is a hit of a year for Valentine's Day.

Rating:   IMDb  / 8.6

Anastasia "Ana" Steele, a literature student, interviews the wealthy Christian Grey being a favor to her roommate Kate Kavanagh. She is intrigued with the man. Steele, who's going to be naive and innocent, is wanting to get in close proximity to him. Grey agrees to your liaison, but only on his own terms. Steele features a need to control everything. As they get close, Steele discovers many of Grey's secrets and explores her desires.
The "Fifty Shades of Grey" movie, in accordance with the S&M-heavy romance novel by E.L. James, had fans positively tickled with delight in a Friday night screening in Midtown.

But there have been more than a few changes from your book -- including one extremely important, ahem, part of the cast.

Yes, the Audi cars, helicopters and red leather mattress all made the cut. So did the ripped and unbuttoned jeans that Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan) only wears in their playroom.

But closest the stars arrive at nudity is often a hint, every now and then, on the kind of hair Grey normally orders his girlfriends to wax off. Dornan's "manhood" stays away from the screen, despite its ubiquitous presence inside the book.

And the screenplay stays very loyal on the book's dialogue. Pivotal lines like "Enlighten me, then," "My tastes are incredibly singular," and "I were built with a rough come from life" will automatically ring many readers' bells. Thankfully, Anastasia Steele's (Dakota Johnson) inner monologue -- and goddess -- stays in their head. Although one "Holy cow" does slip in.

Here are five significant differences between your book plus the film version:

1. Anastasia understands how to use email. One in the most confounding reasons for Ana within the book was her technological virginity. She didn't have even an email address before meeting Christian, and somehow got through college with out a computer. In the film, Ana's computer is broken, and that's why her new master buys her a laptop. And Christian's Blackberry is substituted with an iPhone.

2. The class differences have disappeared. The book spends time focused on how Ana, merely a regular girl from Georgia, is intimidated by Christian's wealth -- and his awesome elaborate gifts' prices. She is shocked when he upgrades her to top class on a flight. But the movie depicts Ana as upper middle class, particularly if it showcases her mother's life of luxury. Ana does not have to borrow her roommates' clothes to impress him; she just pulls out dresses from her closet.

3. No fitness or beauty regime inside the contract. One of Ana's major stipulations into their S&M contract is the fact that she will not eat when he tells her to, and he or she will only experience a personal trainer thrice a week -- not his requested four -- because she hates exercise. But Christian isn't obsessive about her waxes or workouts inside the movie. It's a relief.

4. A few toys are missing. As continues to be reported, the infamous tampon scene wasn't even considered for that movie. The ben wa balls have disappeared, as possess the beads about the end with the suede flogger.

5. Anastasia seemingly charming. Most with the criticism with the book concerns Ana's vanilla, generic and cheesy respond to Christian's world. She can't stop exclaiming, "Double crap!" and "Wow" whenever according to him something unusual. But Johnson is goofy, funny and portrays the heroine to be a much more capable, real and powerful character.

And this is not painful whatsoever.
It's pointless to deny there's something happening here: EL James has now sold 4 million copies of her Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy via her UK publisher, Random House, to raise the 15 million (it beggars belief) which are shifted inside the US and Canada. In 90 days. In the UK, this is the fastest-selling book ever in the physical and ebook incarnations. There's just been an additional print run for that UK market, to meet up with demand: 2.75 million copies. It's the fastest selling adult novel ever. By which they mean "oahu is the fastest-selling novel out of them all that isn't Harry Potter". But its submissions are, certainly, rather adult.

The trilogy features Anastasia Steele, who falls fond of Christian Grey, a troubled young billionaire who likes sex only when he can accompany it with quite formal, stylised corporal punishment. The narrative drivers are pretty slack – improbable dialogue ("I'm a really wealthy man, Miss Steele, and I have expensive and absorbing hobbies"); lame characterisation; irritating tics (a relentless war between Steele's "subconscious", and that is always fainting or gaining half-moon glasses, and her "inner goddess", that's forever pouting and stamping); as well as an internal monologue that goes such as this … "Holy hell, he's hot!"; "No man has ever affected me how Christian Grey has, and I cannot fathom why. Is it his looks? His civility? Wealth? Power?" Yuh huh. Civility puts me in the blue funk too.

In normal circumstances, it may be lazy, but here, it's more like a shorthand. James writes like she's late for any meeting which has a sex scene. Here, her voice is very different: meticulous, inventive, radical and conflicted; Grey is just interested within a dominant/submissive relationship (with such "hard limits" – no fire, no faeces, no loss of blood, no gynaecological instruments, no children or animals, no permanent disfigurement, no breath control no direct electricity – I paraphrase for brevity). Steele just wants a consistent boyfriend (or does she? Yik yak yik yak). This is Fifty Shades of Grey I'm discussing. We'll arrived at Fifty Shades Darker later. Goddammit. I've been infected by James's ominous, staccato delivery. After 1,600 pages with the stuff, you may too. I'm performing it again. I can't make it.

There is a touch light spanking in Jilly Cooper (Octavia, Rivals), plus the romance genre (as distinct from chicklit) could be many pages lighter if nobody ever got associated with a bed having a scarf, but this is inside a different league. Its popularity originates as a tiny surprise to publishers, who thought they knew what women wanted. It must be similar to being married to someone for 20 years, and suddenly discovering they like fisting. People who wish to trace many new trends back in new technology have offered this explanation – that females who couldn't survive seen dead reading smut within the tube could make out the print on their Kindle, which launched a full world of sales.

The unexpected element is usually that the shame of erotic fiction is basically in the imagination, and when people had see clearly, they supposed happy to discuss it openly. It was word of mouth marketing that launched the paperback version around the back with the ebook.

Where can you stand on erotica in public areas spaces? Someone in the tube carriage the other day with three people reading the paperback (and God knows the amount of reading it for their Kindles) tweeted, "isn't it a lttle bit early for the sort of thing?" – as if there were an erotica yardarm, so we all knew gets hotter was. After lunch? When the sun falls? It seemed somewhat random, yet I can see why he'd query the wisdom of summoning a sustained erotic vignette on one's way into work. But what exactly do I know? I work at your home. Maybe people do this all the time.

Consider, furthermore, how high culture and low culture have collided. It's always been acceptable to learn the Financial Times and as well watch the Eurovision Song contest, read Philip Roth and also Marian Keyes. Because erotica is niche to begin with, this revolution took longer to succeed in it, in support of now have we loosened up a little. By this reckoning, Fifty Shades is merely Mills & Boon with the generation that might once have already been embarrassed to wear reading Mills & Boon.

No, there's more going without running shoes than that. First, the explanation sex scenes are incredibly difficult to write would be the gear change, rather than sex itself. It is extremely tricky to write a consistent story spliced with sex, just as it will be difficult to tell a narrative interspersed with explicit sexual detail. That's why the Bad Sex Award exists, and it is so easy to bestow. In the very act of describing sex for an incidental, you create an excruciating sex scene.

Fifty Shades of Grey Movie Critic's View

Considering that Fifty Shades of Grey is exceedingly anticipated movie especially among youth, it's got gotten a legitimate lot of attention for the most known representative websites of movie industry. Whole internet is full of news in connection with that movie. It’s being discussed worldwide and became one of several hottest current topics. To begin with, particular movie has climbed towards the peak when it comes to “MOVIEmeter” rank. That means that it turned out the most searched movie title within the internet movie database – IMDb . Such an achievement is without question valuable and emphasizes its popularity. What is more, it's already taken its place on critics kingdom where movies are increasingly being evaluated by by far the most known and influential critics – Metacritic. Fifty Shades of Grey movie was evaluated effectively despite few abrasive notes to your directing mistakes. However, it's not common to see such high marks for just a movie dependant on romantic genre core. Thus, that film should grab our attention not without having a reason. When talking about another website dependant on movies reviews - RottenTomatoes, we ought to mention that it does not take closest competitor to IMDb the way it gets more reputable daily. Getting back towards the movie, it really is rated pretty high here and possesses many positive reviews. To sum up, movie is absolutely worth the buzz created not forgetting the famous cast that could make this film really unforgettable installment on the best-selling novel.

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